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Do not rely on others to keep you safe on a construction site

If you are a construction worker in Louisiana, you will face the same hazards as many other construction workers, regardless of whether your project is a single story residential building or a skyscraper in the city. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations to prevent construction worker injuries in all the different jobs they do, not all employers comply, and accidents continue to happen

You might need more than physical recovery after a car accident

Are you struggling to cope with the consequences of a car accident that resulted from the negligence of someone else? You might find comfort in knowing that you might be able to collect insurance money. However, you may not realize that you will likely be of minor concern to the insurer. Insurers typically rely on statistics, which tells them that most people will settle for whatever they offer, rather than consulting with legal counsel who might be able to ensure a more comprehensive damage recovery.

Trucking accident consequences can be devastating

If you and your family frequently share the busy Louisiana roads around Gretna with 18-wheelers, you are likely aware of your vulnerability. The truth is that even the most law-abiding, vigilant passenger vehicle driver can be the victim of a big-rig accident if the trucker is distracted, impaired or reckless in any form or fashion. Due to the massive weight and size difference, semi crashes frequently lead to catastrophic injuries or death to occupants of cars.

Hospital injuries: Who is responsible?

An injury occurred while you were under the care of a physician at your local hospital. You suffered damages because of your injury, and you want to recover those damages. You believe that the hospital staff and physicians neglected their duty to offer the proper care. What can you do?

The underlying dangers behind many motorcycle myths

While the cold, wet weather may make it difficult to imagine taking your motorcycle out on the streets of New Orleans, it's never too early in the year to begin thinking about safety. This is especially true given that spring is in the not-too-distant future and the sudden appearance of motorcyclists on the roads seems to take drivers by surprise every year.

Collision course: Prior preparation can prevent problems

No matter how careful of a driver you are, accidents happen. In fact, on the streets of New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs, they unfortunately happen quite a bit. When and if a collision does occur, you're likely to be shocked, upset and a bit frazzled, along with being uncertain of what to do first and how to best to handle the immediate aftermath.

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