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Construction workers at high risk for elevator accidents

Here at the Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC, in Louisiana, we know the many dangers that construction work can pose to workers such as you. Most people know about the constant risk you face of falling from roofs, scaffolds and tall ladders, but many, perhaps even including you, do not realize the dangers you face when you work in or around elevators.

Per the Center for Construction Research and Training, over 17,000 elevator accidents occur each year in which 31 people die. Construction workers account for approximately half of these fatalities, including those who work as installers, maintenance workers and repairmen. In fact, these workers represent one-third of all elevator fatalities that occur in the workplace. Any job that requires you to work near an elevator shaft puts you at risk for injury or death.

Sobering statistics

Elevator accidents stem from three main causes as follows:

  1. Falling down the shaft – 56 percent
  2. Getting caught between or in the elevator’s moving parts – 18 percent
  3. Being struck by the elevator’s counterweights – 16 percent

Over the course of 17 years, 263 workers lost their lives in an elevator accident. Of these, 110 were installers and repairmen, 107 were performing jobs near the elevator and 46 were working in the elevator car or shaft. The 107 construction fatalities to workers working near elevators split 50-50 between those working near unguarded or improperly guarded shafts and those doing such things as the following:

  • Fixing a stuck or stalled elevator
  • Cleaning the shaft
  • Attempting to retrieve something that had fallen into the shaft
  • Working on the platform above the shaft when it collapsed

Given that an elevator shaft can extend for hundreds of feet, if you fall into one or get trapped in a plunging elevator car, you could suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. It goes without saying that you should maintain constant vigilance when working in and around these convenient but highly dangerous pieces of equipment.

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