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June 2016 Archives

Exceptions to the portal-to-portal rule

The portal-to-portal rule essentially says that your commute does not officially count as time at work. Therefore, if you're driving in to work or driving home, and you get in a car accident, your employer does not have to pay workers' compensation benefits. This is true even though you wouldn't have been driving had you not had to commute to your job.

The importance of an autopsy to a wrongful death case

An autopsy can come about in two different ways. First, if the death itself seems suspicious, the state may demand that one be done as part of the criminal investigation. However, even if one isn't ordered, it's important for people to remember that they can still ask for one.

Futurists predict massive self-driving car boom to begin in 2025

The technology behind self-driving cars is intriguing as much as it is life-saving. If successful and safe, a self-driving car can eliminate drunk driving and distracted driving by replacing a human driver - who is vulnerable to making bad decisions, human error and becoming distracted - with a computer that does not make these kinds of mistakes.

2 Jennings residents involved in fatal motorcycle accident

A woman was riding on the back of a motorcycle last weekend when she and the motorcycle's driver were involved in a tragic crash. The woman was ejected from the bike and died s a result of the injuries. The driver of the bike was also ejected, but he was fortunate to survive.

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