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January 2016 Archives

How can the insurance company affect my personal injury case?

No matter what kind of personal injury case you are pursuing, there is a very high chance that you will need to deal with an insurance company. In fact, most personal injury attorneys will not agree to take on a new case unless the defendant is covered by an insurance policy. That is because, if the plaintiff wins, an insurance company will be able to pay the bill, whereas a private individual may not have sufficient assets to pay.

What are the signs of a brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries are not always readily evident, even to doctors. Indeed, a person can suffer a serious TBI without any outward physical signs. Still, there could be some very big cognitive deficits and other signs that a skilled doctor can identify following an accident. This article will discuss what signs and symptoms accident victims should watch for to determine if they might have a TBI.

Interstate pedestrian accidents in Louisiana

Pedestrians should not be walking on the interstate and in many cases, accidents involving pedestrians on highways will be blamed on the pedestrian themselves. However, that does not mean that interstate pedestrian crashes are always the fault of the pedestrian. A wide variety of scenarios could result in fault and liability being placed on a federal or state agency, or another driver. This article will discuss how pedestrian accidents frequently occur.

Do seatbelts really save lives?

Seatbelts have been around for a long time and all cars are equipped with them. Nevertheless, a lot of Louisiana residents don't use them when they're in a vehicle, and they'll offer up a host of excuses why they don't. The worst of those excuses is the idea that seatbelts don't work to prevent injuries and deaths. Statistics show that this idea is completely and utterly false.

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