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A Celebration Of My Life With All Of You


A Celebration Of My Life With All Of You

I turned 38 today. I looked in the mirror and laughed to myself remembering when the thought of 38 was just plain "old" to me. But I don't feel old (At least not most days.). I feel experienced, learned, lived... but not old. I realized that it isn't all the things that I've been through in my life that have made me who I am but the people that I've experienced those events with. So today, rather than celebrate my birthday, I am celebrating the relationships of my past and present with the people who have made such a big difference in my life.

To my friends of old: I thank you for every pain, hurt, and disaster that you've created in my life. I thank you for every smile, laughter (and occasional peeing in my pants) that we've shared.

To my friends of now: I thank you for all the future lessons you will share with me while I learn things the hard way. I thank you for every gesture, text message, email, tweet, and Facebook post that make me smile even when I'm feeling down.

To my friends of the future (whether you are here in the now or from long ago): I thank you for your patience and understanding, as it was those friends long ago and the friends from now that have shaped me into the person that you know today.

To all of you, thank you for being there when I needed someone and leaving when I didn't. Thank you for honoring our time spent together. Without all of you I could not be who I am, every one of you are/were important in my life. The experiences that we've had, the lessons that were hard to learn and the laughter shared are everything that I am.

...So thanks for the memories (even if they weren't so great)...

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