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The DePuy Synthes’ Attune Knee System is a medical device with patented technologies the company claims gives patients stable knee replacements. Unfortunately, premature device failure is causing painful revision surgeries in dozens of patients. If you or a loved one is experiencing premature Attune Knee Replacement device failure, contact the Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC in Gretna, Louisiana to discuss filing a lawsuit with our New Orleans personal injury attorney

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Do You Need a Knee Replacement Lawyer?

DePuy Synthes is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It is a large company with ample resources to spend on fighting product liability lawsuits. Johnson & Johnson and DePuy have been defendants in dozens of lawsuits in the past. They know how to go to trial and win. Do not negotiate with the company’s insurer alone. Hire an attorney to take over negotiations on your behalf, to ensure no one takes advantage of you. A lawyer can fight for fair compensation for your injuries while you focus on healing.

What Is Wrong With the Attune Knee Replacement System?

The first lawsuit against the DePuy Synthes’ Attune Knee System happened in September 2017. In this lawsuit, the claimant alleged the product manufacturer released a defective item – one prone to premature failure and knee destabilization. The issue evidently stems from the bonding material in the tibial implant-cement interface failing to adequately adhere to the components in the knee system. In other words, the glue in the knee replacement does not hold up, resulting in the components loosening and the entire device losing stability. Patients are complaining of:

  • Knee instability or wobbliness
  • Device and knee joint loosening
  • Swelling or warmth in the area
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Throbbing joint pain (severe or chronic)

The signs of knee replacement system failure can occur shortly after the initial surgery, or months or years later. The symptoms of knee system failure can range from mildly uncomfortable to severely painful or debilitating. Instability could lead to a fall and related injuries. The preferred treatment option for a failed knee replacement system is revision surgery. Patients will have to undergo an additional surgery, expensive medical bills, and rehabilitation.

Who Is Liable for My Bad Knee Replacement?

Defective Attune Knee Systems can cause severe pain, additional surgeries, lost wages, loss of daily quality of life, expensive medical bills, and the potential for infections. The product manufacturer could be liable to injured consumers for their damages. Product liability lawsuits against DePuy Synthes are currently ongoing. Case success could lead to considerable financial compensation for all patients the defective medical devices impacted.

You may have grounds to file a claim or join a class action against the manufacturer of the Attune Knee Systems if you received one of these knee replacements and experienced signs of premature failure due to lack of proper component adhesion. You may not have to prove the manufacturer’s negligence to receive compensation if the device contained a defect and this defect caused your injuries. A lawyer can help you file your claim in Louisiana.

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The Food and Drug Administration has recalled dozens of products from DePuy and Johnson & Johnson in the past for dangerous product defects and serious consumer injuries. If you wish to hold the manufacturer of Attune Knee Systems accountable for your damages, contact us for a free consultation. We can review your case and tell you if we believe it has merit. You could be eligible for compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against DePuy.