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Posted in Our Blog on September 27, 2019

What Happens If a Dog Bites Someone on Your Property?

Dogs may be a favored pet in New Orleans, but these animals can attack and seriously injure other humans. While the dog’s owner is primarily responsible for the actions of his or her pet, the property owner where the attack
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Posted in Our Blog on September 13, 2019

State Farm Receives Cease and Desist Over Hurricane Barry Deductibles in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state where hurricanes occur quite often compared to other places in the country, and insurances companies need to prepare themselves for the damage that occurs in this state. However, victims of the 2019 Hurricane Barry reported facing
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Posted in Our Blog on September 9, 2019

When Are You Most Likely to Be in a Car Accident in Louisiana?

Car accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence across the United States. There is no exception here in Louisiana, where people are traveling across high-trafficked roadways at all hours. I-10 is considered one of the most dangerous roadways in the country,
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