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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Our Blog on June 29, 2018

What are the most common types of motorcycle injuries?

Easy riding. The open road. Motorcycles have a mystique all their own. But whether you are an everyday rider, a weekend adventurer or take only an occasional ride on Louisiana’s roads and highways, you need to ride vigilantly, defensively and
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Posted in Brain Injury, Our Blog on June 25, 2018

Returning to work with a brain injury

While some people who suffer from a brain injury will never be able to return to their former occupations, a number of people in Louisiana and around the United States will be able to go back to work following a
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Posted in Car Accidents, Our Blog on June 18, 2018

Are hands-free cellphones safe for drivers?

As a Louisiana motorist, you may be guilty of driving while talking or texting on a hand-held cellphone. This dangerous task has killed and seriously injured many people across the nation. As a result, some states prohibit drivers from using
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Posted in Our Blog, Workers Compensation on June 8, 2018

Understanding oil rig blowouts

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC, in Louisiana, we understand the dangers you face every day as an oil rig worker. Oil rigs are dangerous because of the very nature of the work they perform. If and
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Posted in Our Blog on June 5, 2018

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death?

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