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Posted in Our Blog, Workers Compensation, Workplace Safety on April 28, 2016

Workers’ compensation claims in Jefferson

Most Jefferson employers strive to ensure that workplace dangers are minimized and their workers are safe. However, it doesn’t matter how many safety precautions are taken. Some workers are always going to get hurt – either by accident, through their’
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Posted in Our Blog on April 22, 2016

Textalyzer technology could save us from smartphone perils

Texting while driving kills numerous Louisiana residents every year. Just like drunk driving, it does not matter how careful Louisiana drivers are, they could still be hurt or killed by another driver who unconscionably chooses to be distracted by his
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Posted in Our Blog on April 15, 2016

The history of assigning value to a lost body part

The idea of a body part being worth money in a workers’ compensation claim is not something that most Louisiana residents think about on a daily basis. However, this is exactly what workers’ compensation attorneys concern themselves with – and
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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Our Blog on April 8, 2016

Motorcycle braking strategies: Which is right for you?

Proper motorcycle braking is debated among many experienced bikers. A long time ago, for example, most new motorcyclists received nothing more than a five-second lesson about the operation of their bikes. They were often told where the throttle was, where
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Posted in Our Blog on April 1, 2016

What treatment options are available for paralysis?

Louisiana residents can suffer from paralysis for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the area of the brain that governs voluntary muscle movement can suffer damage from a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In other cases, paralysis could be
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