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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Our Blog on March 25, 2016

Negligence law in Louisiana

Personal injury law generally centers around one extremely important legal concept: negligence. In this context, negligence refers to a defending party’s failure to act in a way that is reasonable. In order to prevail in a negligence case in Louisiana,
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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Our Blog on March 18, 2016

Jefferson motorcycle accident cases

Statistically speaking, motorcycle versus car accidents are far more likely to occur than car versus car accidents. That is, when looking at the likelihood of a single motorcyclist getting into a crash and a single motor vehicle driver getting into
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Posted in Our Blog, Workplace Injuries, Workplace Safety on March 10, 2016

Louisiana man sues employer after workplace injuries

A Louisiana man has brought a legal action against his employer for its alleged negligence and failure to offer a safe work environment. The worker is citing General Maritime Laws the Jones Act as his basis for recovery relating to
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Posted in Our Blog, Traumatic Brain Injuries on March 4, 2016

Young girl with brain injury finds a healing path in music

A 7-year-old girl who suffered a serious brain injury in a car accident that left her sister dead has found a new kind of treatment that is helping her condition. Following six different surgeries to help correct her condition, the
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