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Posted in Our Blog on April 25, 2014

Woman Sues Hospital For Brain Injury Caused By Hypertension

A medical facility in Louisiana has been targeted by a patient’s personal injury lawsuit after that woman allegedly suffered unnecessary brain damage. The New Orleans victim claims that she was injured when professionals at a medical facility failed to treat
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Posted in Consumer Safety, Our Blog on April 23, 2014

General Mills Forces Customers To Waive Their Right To Sue

Last week, consumer rights advocates turned their attention to a somewhat unusual place: breakfast cereal. Word began to spread on the internet that General Mills-maker of Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, and many other popular cereals in addition to food
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Posted in Our Blog on April 18, 2014

Disney World Raises Minimum Wage For Its Employees To $10/Hour

Kudos to the Walt Disney Company, which recently announced it would be raising the minimum wage at its Florida theme parks to $10 an hour over the next two years. For many employees, this will amount to a 25% raise.
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Posted in Our Blog, Workers Compensation, Workplace Injuries on April 18, 2014

Experts: Too Many Americans Injured While Working Oil Rigs

Are Louisiana’s oil refineries really safe? Experts and union leaders say they might be far more hazardous than workers would imagine. As a result, a growing number of advocates are pushing regulatory agencies to adopt European safety standards, which could
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Posted in Our Blog on April 16, 2014

Louisiana’s HB 917 Set Aside In The House

Last week, we blogged about why Louisiana House Bill 917 should be voted down. We explained what the bill was, what it hoped to accomplish, and why we thought it was a bad idea. Yesterday, the state House voted 51-49
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