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Posted in Our Blog on March 28, 2012

Health Care Debate Leaves Bad Taste

The Supreme Court is currently hearing debate among lawyers who have descended upon the Court to argue the Constitutionality of President Obama’s 2010 Health Care Law. Reading the coverage of these debates, I’ve been surprised by how muddled the conversation
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Posted in Our Blog, Self-Improvement on March 22, 2012

Just Do It

Just do it! As you know, I live a healthy lifestyle and want everyone else to take a step in that direction. It seems the main reason people don’t exercise is the same excuse: Time. You may tell yourself you
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Posted in Our Blog on March 22, 2012

‘Hot Coffee’ Comes To New Orleans

Susan Saladoff, director of last year’s excellent HBO documentary Hot Coffee, came to New Orleans on Monday for a screening of her film, a Q&A session, and a talk with law students at Tulane and Loyola University about the film
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Posted in Car Accidents, Our Blog on March 8, 2012

New Orleans Expands Its Traffic Camera Operations

The Times-Picayune reported last week that the city of New Orleans is making several important changes to its traffic camera program. Several months ago on this blog we ran a discussion forum on this topic to see how people felt
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Posted in Our Blog, Self-Improvement on March 2, 2012

Stressful Days

For those of you still stressing out over the stress of your life… here are a few ways to help prepare for those times that you just know are going to be STRESSFUL. 1. Visualize the event the day before
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