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John Redmann appears on nightly news to discuss distracted driving

I appeared on WVUE-Fox 8 News in New Orleans last night to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. We've discussed distracted driving on this blog before, so you know that I feel it's one of the key issues facing drivers today. Distracted driving has been proven to be as dangerous (if not more so) than impaired or drunk driving.

All around the country, the law is cracking down on distracted driving. Distracted drivers who cause accidents are being charged criminally. In the cases of fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers, the offending drivers are in many instances being charged with negligent homicide.

So please, if you're behind the wheel, put down your cell phone, your iPod, your GPS system, or anything else that may distract you from the only thing you should be focusing on: driving safely.

by John W. Redmann

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