1/8/2015 - "My experience with Mr. Redmann and the staff was excellent. This is the lawyer to choose for your case. Once you think about Red, don't forget Mann, because he is definitely the Man! Thanks again!"1

1/8/2015 - "After being turned down by 6 other attorneys, this firm accepted my case, handled it well and helped me feel secure with my case and my health."3

12/31/2014 - "Very pleased with everything, with the outcome."1

12/29/2014 - "Mr. Redmann was the BEST lawyer I ever worked with. Because he breaks it down to where you can fully understand. I love Mr. Redmann service!"1

10/6/2014 - "This is an awesome law firm that you can trust."1

9/29/2014 - "Took great care of us. I would refer Mr. Redmann to any and everyone."2

8/19/2014 - "Thanks for everything, Mr. Redmann!"2

8/19/2014 - "Highest rankings in every category."2

8/19/2014 - "Excellent service."2

4/22/2013 - "Great service provided; would do future business again!"2

3/26/2013 - "Every time I called or had a question they responded quickly and everyone was very nice."2

3/19/2013 - "Wonderful team to work with, would highly recommend to anyone I know. Thank you for all your help."2

3/18/2013 - "Just keep up the good work of keeping your client's happy. And you have the best office staff ever."4

2/27/2013 - "Excellent service."2

2/8/2013 - "I liked the way I was treated & how they explained what was going on with my case."2

1/10/2013 - "John Redmann was very professional and timely."2

12/13/2012 - "John Redmann is a man of his word, he's made me very happy!!"2

12/13/2012 - "JR is the man who can get the job done!"2

11/30/2012 - "Thanks from my family, and Happy Holidays!"2

11/8/2012 - "I would like to say that Mr. Redmann and his law firm are wonderful, very polite, and courteous. He is the best attorney and I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. Keep up the good work! God bless!!!"2

10/25/2012 - "Great job! Keep up the good work! God bless y'all!"2

10/11/2012 - "John's AWESOME!"2

10/4/2012 - "John Redmann is a very good lawyer and I would like him to represent me again in the future."2

10/2/2012 - "Integrity, respect, and confidence that I can trust."2

9/13/2012 - "Mr. Redmann is very honest, trustworthy. It is another way to say that he has a lot of integrity."2

9/13/2012 - "I appreciate their kindness in general and Mr. Moreno and Mr. Redmann, specifically."2

9/6/2012 - "I have to say that I am fully satisfied with Redmann LLC Law Firm. I would definitely recommend their services to friends & family."2

9/5/2012 - "John Redmann is trustworthy. He makes himself very clear to understand, and he makes sure he understands you. He also makes you feel very comfortable. I'd recommend his office to a friend or family member."2

9/4/2012 - "Here we go again... Another hurricane. I will be seeing John Redmann again! Last time for Katrina, Redmann's Law Firm fought so hard for me and my family. I'm glad that this time, I know just where to go for my Hurricane Isaac claim."2

3/12/2012 - "Treated me excellent. Everybody was nice to me. I would recommend somebody else to him."2

7/5/2012 - "My experience with the Law Office of John Redmann couldn't have been more positive. I'd give it a '100' if I could. Edward Moreno was especially great to me, but the entire staff was excellent. I'd recommend this office to friends and family. Their communication, responsiveness, knowledge, and trustworthiness were all top-notch."2

1/21/2012 - "Lindsey is very efficient and thorough. Edward and Lindsey have gone out of their way to make sure that my experience with this law firm was painless and effective $$$."2

11/4/2011 - "John Redmann came highly recommended, and we know that we couldn't have done better anywhere. Wonderful staff and great office manager."1

11/4/2011 - "The service was very good, the communication was good, they always called me back, and when I came they saw me quickly, and at the end of the service everything was fine. They can get you real good money."1

9/20/2011 - "Very competent and always available when needed. Very professional."2

8/8/2011 - "Mr. Redmann provided excellent representation. The results he got for me were more than what I expected. He will be my attorney for any situation that may arise. His staff is highly capable and very courteous. I have also recommended Mr. Redmann to my family and friends for legal representation."1

8/8/2011 - "Office staff is very nice and organized. They provide quick responses and answered all of my concerns. I would recommend this lawyer (or any of his associates) to anyone who needs a really good attorney."1

8/8/2011 - "There should be workers like Mr. Redmann's staff, they are very polite, professional, considerate, and they try to help all they can."1

12/9/2010 - "Mr. Redmann and his team are excellent! I highly recommend him to my family and friends. The results were better than I expected."2

11/30/2010 - "I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet Mr. John Redmann and to find out that he is an excellent attorney, I'm very satisfied with his work and I would recommend him very highly."2

11/19/2010 - "Initially, I was very impressed with the neatness of his office. The secretaries are very nice and Mr. Redmann is a wonderful person and excellent to deal with. Thank you so much Mr. Redmann for all the help you have provided me and God bless you always!"2


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